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Privacy Policy

GC GROUP LTD. understands and is aware of the importance of clients' privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal information collected by GC Group. It's necessary to protect our clients' privacy. GC Group will only collect relevant data that will help GC Group conduct business. GC Group has a strict privacy protecting system, any unauthorized third party ognization or employees cannot obtain your personal information.

Personal information 

Personal information includes identifiable personal information or information that identifiable through individuals. Whether information is true or not or whether GC Group makes a record,  those informations are treated as personal information;

GC Group collects customer-related information based on the products or services provided. GC group may not be able to provide all services effectively if customer does not agree with GC Group to collect all the information required.

The purpose of collecting, storing and disclosing personal information

GC Group collects, uses, saves and discloses personal information primarily for providing products and services to customers, including:


・  Check whether the customer is eligible to get a product or service;

・  Provide a product or service;

・  Help manage products or services.


Whether it is possible to collect personal information electronically

GC Group will collect information from customers electronically, like through the customer's online account application form. If the customer submits an online application, GC Group will collect the information entered in the online application form, if the customer cancel the application or quit from the application before submitting the application form, any information that the customer has entered will be automatically deleted.


Everytime when the clients visit our website, GC Group will collect related information about clients using our website which may include the following information:


・  The date and time of the visit;

・  The web page that has browsed;

  How users navigate to the site and interact with the page (including completed and submitted applications);

・  The user's location information;

・  The information of device used to access our website.

・  The user's IP address.


Any user who has registered to through the GC Group website or introduced by others will be deemed to agree to receive the email provided by the GC Group and GC Group partners about the financial information related to the relevant financial services.

Change privacy policy

Please notice that GC Group can adjust the privacy policy of managing personal information from for any reason at anytime. If there is any adjustification, GC Group will update this Privacy Policy.



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