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Deposit information

Deposit Policy

 Way of Deposit Service Fees 
Deposit amount (CNY)Processing Time

Online Banking Transfer

The service party will charge 1% of   the deposit amount 

(GC does not charge any fees)

   Daily limit of each card:       150,000 CNY / day

Beijing time (8:30-16:30):                                   Instant deposit

Other time:     Deposit will be processed         on the next working day

Weekend:                                                           Deposit will be processed Monday

International Wire Transfer

 The bank may charge fees

(GC does not charge any fees)

   Refer to international wire       transfer guidelines

               No limit                (The amount is subject to the customer banking policies)

1-5 working days


n The above mentioned remittance fees refer to the remittance fees of local financial institutions in New Zealand;

n In the event of any changes to the above rules, GC will not notify you otherwise;

n The contents of the "Private Deposit Policy" will be combined with and complementary to the contents of the Anti-       Money Laundering Policy;

        n In case of any dispute, GC reserves the right to make the final decision. 

In accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Policy, GC GROUP LTD (GC Group) will do its utmost to cooperate with all applicable laws on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism, including reporting and freezing of suspicious assets. GC Group will view the account records from time to time to obtain evidence of transaction evidence of money laundering, including the following:

1) account funds access the situation

2) the remittance and the recipient

3) other activities than normal business.

Please note that under the International Anti-Money Laundering Act, you will need to ensure that all your funds are returned to your original deposit account. If you need to withdraw any other account, GC Group has right to ask you to provide bank information, such as a bank statement, to verify your source of funds.

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